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Social Connections for Girls and Boys Program

Social Connections for Girls and Boys Program
The Quadra Village Girls and Boys Program (QVGBP) is designed to serve youth between the ages of 9-19 in the QuadraHillside community.  The program hosts two girls groups and one boys group, one for girls aged 9-11 and one for girls aged 12-19 and the boys group is 12-18.  The QVGBP focuses on recreation and mental health education and safety.  The program provides a safe environment to ensure the youth are building self-worth, connecting to the community and building relationships with each other while doing recreation in the community and learning about healthy living. The QVGBP provides the girls and boys with a sense of belonging, nurtures their ability to make healthy choices as they develop into young adults, and provides ongoing support from our professional staff team.
Junior Girls Group - Wednesdays from 615-815pm
Senior Girls Group - Wednesdays from 4-6pm
Boys Group - Saturdays from 230-430pm
For information on:
Junior Girls Group - email Tara Skobel at
Senior Girls Group - email Kelsey Sprague at
Boys Group - email Taly Salyn at