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Youth Engagement Facilitator 2

Job Title: Youth Engagement Facilitator

*Primary focus on Food Skills for Youth Program and the “Food Kart”

Reports to: Youth Programs Coordinator

Role: Coordinate and implement all aspects of Quadra Village Community Centre’s Youth Programs (Food Skills for Youth, the “Food Kart”, Youth Centre Drop-ins and Youth Oriented/Driven Special Events) in conjunction with the Youth Programs Coordinator.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Lead, plan, and implement all aspects of the Food Skills for Youth Program and the “Food Kart”
  • Assist with facilitation of all aspects of the Launch Pad Program including the Food Skills for Youth Program, the “Food Kart” and Drop-in and new youth events and initiatives
  • Approach project work utilizing community development, asset building, youth engagement and other best practice strategies
  • Facilitate life and social skills development (ex: pro social behavior, communication and life skills), individual action plans, employability enhancement and self-esteem development for youth
  • Assist youth with life issues and provide support referrals and system navigation as necessary
  • Identify and support young persons who are having serious social problems and work with them on useful skills through mentoring, teachable moments and activities
  • Assist in collaboration with community, service providers, businesses, service clubs, community groups and community events to provide and sustain meaningful opportunities for youth
  • Transport youth as appropriate
  • Attend all youth programs staff meetings
  • Ensure maintenance, tabulation of attendance and statistics regarding youth drop-in, Food Skills for Youth, the “Food Kart” special events and other youth programs
  • Write and prepare quarterly reports for the Food Skills for Youth and the “Food Kart”
  • Assist in the day to day operations of the Quadra Village Community Centre
  • To respond to general inquiries regarding Quadra Village Community Centre, and to share in the work of maintaining a responsive and inclusive community centre
  • Be familiar with and implement Quadra Village Community Centre (Downtown Blanshard Advisory Committee’s) policies, procedures and practices
  • Perform other related duties when required and approved by the Youth Programs Coordinator or Executive Director
  • Engage as needed in the Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI) and attend learning community meetings as directed by the Youth Programs Coordinator

Food Skills for Youth Program

  • Lead, design and facilitate all aspects of the 12-week Food Skills for Youth Program conjunction with the youth in the program
  • Coordinate learning opportunities to enhance the youths likelihood of obtaining employment in the food industry such as customer service, food prep and cooking skills
  • Prepare large meals for youth in our drop-in program with the youth in the program
  • Prepare youth for working with the Food Kart
  • Ensure that ideas and plans are youth driven and empower youth
  • Create opportunities for youth to lead and reflect each session
  • Take part in the Youth and Food Security Community of Practice

The “Food Kart”

  • In conjunction with the Youth Programs Coordinator start a food cart business with the youth
  • Ensure that ideas and plans are youth driven, empower youth, and give them work experience in the food cart business and in fundraising.
  • Coordinate the food cart for community BBQ’s, special events, youth driven initiative’s, local festivals & markets and weekly hot spots
  • Ensure all youth are following food safe rules, the menu safety plan, the food safety plan and the sanitization plan.
  • Ensure food cart is in working order and all health and safety requirements are being met
  • Order food and supplies as needed
  • Transport food cart and youth to events and locations
  • Food Preperation for sales
  • Promotion, recruitment and networking on an ongoing basis
  • Coordinate projects where the youth take initiative, making a difference in the community and/or raise money.


  • Encourage and facilitate the meaningful participation of youth in Launch Pad, youth drop-in, special events, community and other youth program activities and ensure that the program environment is interactive, respectful, fair and welcoming.
  • Plan and implement structured activities during drop in hours
  • Ensure the Youth Centre and other program spaces are suitable, clean and safe for the operation of youth programs.
  • Plan, promote, publicize and evaluate Launch Pad, special events, youth drop-in and other youth programs.
  • Foster a connection to key family members, youth supports and other assets that can help with a youth’s life success.
  • A detailed job description will be given to you before your first drop-in shift


  • Post-secondary degree in Child and Youth Care or a relevant discipline (e.g. Social Work, Community Development or comparable degree).
  • Minimum two years’ experience in community development work, outreach work, group work, system navigation and experience working with high risk youth and families.
  • Preference to candidates with two or more years’ experience working in the food industry, working with high risk youth in a community centre setting, with a class 4 driver’s license, with knowledge/awareness of Indigenous populations and diverse cultures and YPQI training
  • Crimina Record Check and Food Safe are required.
  • Standard First Aid and Class 4 Driver’s License required within 4 weeks of start date.

Hours of Work:           

12 hours per week for the food cart Apr-Aug and 5 hours per week Sept-Mar for the Food Skills for Youth Program.  It is the expectation that these hours required for this position will consist of Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, late afternoons, evenings and weekends with varied start and finish times. Within that expectation there is also the ability to collaborate about the ultimate work schedule chosen and provide flexibility.


Our plan is to maintain this position on an ongoing basis.  Hours per week beyond the above information will be determined by project funding levels.  Position and hours may change due to funding.  Drop-In will be an on-call position

Salary and Benefits:   

  • $20/hr – Food Skills & the Food Kart
  • $16/hr - Drop-in

Closing Date:              

March 20th at 9am

Please submit cover letter and resume with subject line “Youth Engagement Facilitator 2” to

 Tara Skobel at