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Quivering Village Carnival & Creep-House

It’s that time again for our 4th Annual Quivering Village Carnival and Creep-House! Get ready to be scared as you make your way through the creep-house, join the sheriff downstairs and take aim at the Zombies trying to escape in the Zombie Shooting Gallery, get your fortune read, get your picture taken in the photo booth with your friends, dare to go in the tunnel of terror, play games at the carnival to win prizes and end it with a little “dancing like no one is watching” party.


Admission and BBQ is by donation.  BBQ provided by the Food Kart


Date: Oct 27th, 2017

Place: Quadra Village Community Centre

Time: 6-9pm

Cost: By Donation

Family Friendly


If you are interested in volunteering for the event please email Chloe Dufort at